Nov 01

History A’la Carte 11-1-12

A guide to Regency Monday and a little History a’la Cart on the side

Found this at Regency Assembly Press  and just had to share.  I have a hard time keeping it all straight and this does a great job summing it all up.

See more at: http://www.regencyassemblypress.com/Regency_Money.html

And now, a  new installment of History a’la Carte for your Thursday enjoyment. I am always amazed to find out how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know.


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  1. Audrey

    This is very interesting. I will admit that I have tried to figure out how much Mr. Darcy made each year with my old college statistics. It reminded me that I hated my old college statistics class! This is much easier!

    1. authormariagrace

      I have seen it estimated a number of different ways. If you read the original of this article, he talks about using the base pay of soldiers as the anchor for converting into today’s values.

      Thanks for coming buy Audry!

  2. C. Allyn Pierson

    Great info, MG! I have always wondered about this. In G. Heyer’s The Tollgate the story hinges on the change from the pound to the guinea, but I didn’t know what the difference was in value. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. authormariagrace

      The whole fact that it is not in base 10 tends to make my head swim a bit!

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